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Friday, September 13, 2013

Buying A Dental Practice? (Part 3)

Plan your work… then work your plan

I’m a huge believer in creating marketing game plans that are tailored to each unique practice transition scenario. Whatever the transition X-factor, you need to consider these six best practices for you to achieve the business success that you desire:

1. Create your own brand identity
What is your vision for your practice? Just like any successful consumer product, your brand is what builds customer loyalty. It also differentiates you from your competition. Think carefully about the name and logo. Make sure it projects a professional image and conveys what your practice is about.

2. Focus inward first
You need to be proactive with communication to introduce yourself and your vision right from the start. I recently consulted for a dentist who had taken over a practice and then sat on a draft letter to patients for almost a year. Patients need to know you respect them. You need to communicate up front and with some frequency to set the tone for what patients can expect as the practice moves forward.

3. Internet presence is a must
With dentistry being so competitive, having a great website is an absolute must. Your website is the focal point of your marketing. Whether to build patient relationships, internal marketing or promote your practice outside of your office, people today want more information and your website is where they expect to find it.

4. Patients are ready to refer
Even as a new dentist taking over from a well-respected dentist, you can create a positive momentum for your new practice. Get your patients excited about your vision and you will be surprised how quickly you can get them promoting you to their family and friends.

5. Look around you
We all lead busy lives these days and knowing there’s a dentist close to home is a motivating factor for a lot of people. Target advertising to homes in the local area to professionally communicate your message. This will build positive brand awareness and attract quality new patients.

6. Practice marketing is a team sport
In taking over an existing practice, you've also inherited the team. They are an important resource in retaining patients. You may be the new guy, but the staff are trusted familiar faces that will comfort your patients. Get them on board with your vision through regular meetings. Make sure they know and can promote the goals and unique features of your practice.

In business as in life, first impressions are important. The better that first impression, the more likely we are to spark a relationship. So before you swing open the doors for business, make sure you have considered the benefits of taking a planned and professional approach for your marketing, along with the opportunity cost of just letting things happen on their own.

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